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3D Design


3D Design and Printing

Here are some 3D designs I quickly threw together to demonstrate my ability to create and print 3D models. You can view, download and 3D print them for yourself by visiting my profile below at, or by clicking HERE.

My 3D print and portraits looks like a before and after and in many ways, they are. I made these models using Cura, Makerbot, Meshmixer, Netfabb, TinkerCAD, Illustrator, and Sketchup software. To replicate the 3D logo objects: digitize the graphics, adjust the colours/shades for different depths (Black and White is easiest), save and open them in 3D software, create objects to merge together and export the 3D model as an OBJ or STL 3D model file (STL files generally print better). Then, upload that 3D model file into a 3D printer slicing software for printing.